Genesis 37: Kids

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Dream Big, Trust God!

Genesis 37:5 - "One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever."

Do you ever dream about doing something great when you grow up? Maybe you dream about being a superhero, a scientist, or even the President!

Well, in Genesis 37, we meet Joseph, who had some pretty cool dreams. He dreamed that he would be a leader and that even his brothers would bow down to him. But guess what? His brothers didn't like that dream, not one bit!

It's a tough story, right? But here's the exciting part: even though Joseph's brothers were mean to him and didn't believe in his dreams, God did. God knew that Joseph's dreams were part of a super-important plan.

Sometimes people might not understand our dreams or they may even laugh at us, just like Joseph's brothers did. But remember, God is always with us, supporting us, just like He was with Joseph.

So, dream big, my friends! Because God has placed those dreams in your heart for a reason. Trust in Him, follow Him, and He will lead you on the most exciting adventure of all! Isn't that awesome?

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