Genesis 39: Kids

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Doing Right When Things Go Wrong

Genesis 39:21 - "But the LORD was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love. And the LORD made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden."

Today, we're taking a trip to Egypt in Genesis 39 to visit a young man named Joseph. Poor Joseph, he had a really rough day. His own brothers sold him to people in Egypt, and then he ended up being wrongly accused and thrown into prison. Yikes!

But guess what? Even in prison, Joseph didn't forget about God and God didn't forget about him either. God showed Joseph His faithful love and made him a favorite with the prison warden. Joseph chose to trust God and do what was right, even when everything was going wrong.

Have you ever had a day where nothing seemed to go right? Maybe you lost your favorite toy, or got a bad grade on a test, or got into an argument with a friend. It's hard, isn't it? But remember, just like Joseph, God is with us even on our worst days.

So next time when things go wrong, try to be like Joseph. Keep trusting God, keep doing what's right, and remember that God loves you so much. He's with you every step of the way, just like He was with Joseph! Isn't God just awesome?

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