Genesis 41: Kids

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Promotions from God

Genesis 41:41 - "Pharaoh said to Joseph, 'I hereby put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt.'"

Today we're traveling back to see Joseph in Genesis 41. If you remember, Joseph was in prison last time we saw him. But this time, something incredible happens - he is put in charge of all of Egypt by Pharaoh himself!

This was a massive promotion, right? But do you think it happened by accident? No way! It was all part of God's wonderful plan. God used Joseph's ability to interpret dreams to bring him before Pharaoh. Then, God gave Joseph the wisdom to understand Pharaoh’s troubling dreams.

This shows that God loves to promote us, not just in jobs when we're older, but also in little things we do every day. Maybe it's being chosen as the line leader at school or becoming the captain of your soccer team. Wherever we are, God can lift us up to do great things!

So, here's a little secret: the key to receiving promotion from God is to trust Him, just like Joseph did. No matter what's happening around you, remember that God has a wonderful plan for you. Keep believing in Him, and who knows? Maybe your next "promotion" is just around the corner!

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