Genesis 42: Kids

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The Super Power of Forgiveness

Genesis 42:24 - "Joseph turned away from them and began to weep..."

Have you ever been really, really upset with someone, like maybe your brother or sister? Well, our friend Joseph knows what that feels like. In Genesis 42, he's meeting his brothers again after many years, and guess what? They don't recognize him!

Remember how Joseph's brothers had been really mean and sold him as a slave? Now, they were bowing down to him without knowing who he was, just like in the dream Joseph had when he was younger!

Joseph was upset, so he turned away and cried. But here comes the superhero part, kiddos: Joseph forgave them. He didn't stay angry, even though they hurt him.

This story reminds us that sometimes, people might hurt us. They might say something mean or do something unfair. And guess what? It's okay to feel sad or upset about it. But don't forget about our superhero power - forgiveness!

God loves when we forgive others. It's not always easy, but it's a special way we can show God's love, just like Joseph did with his brothers. So next time you're upset, remember your super power. Forgive, just like Joseph, and just like Jesus forgives us!

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