Genesis 21: Parents

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Promises Kept: Lessons in Faith and Patience

Genesis 21:1 - "The LORD kept his word and did for Sarah exactly what he had promised."

"Three more sleeps," my kids would say with great anticipation as they counted down the days till they could go to their grandparent's house. They called each night time "a sleep". Do you remember that feeling? As a kid, I'm sure you counted down the days to your birthday, expectantly waiting for a promise of a special gift. Day after day, you mark off the calendar, your anticipation building. Finally, the day comes, and your eyes light up as you unwrap the present you long-awaited.

In Genesis 21, we see Abraham and Sarah, who after years of waiting, finally received God's promised child, Isaac. It was a moment of joy, celebration, and affirmation - a testament to God’s faithfulness to keep His promises, regardless of how impossible they seem.

As parents, we have an extraordinary opportunity to model this divine faithfulness to our children. When we keep our promises, we paint a tangible picture of God's steadfast character, teaching them to trust in Him and His Word.

Also, let us use Abraham and Sarah's story to teach our children the value of patience. Encourage them to pray and wait on the Lord's promises in their lives, knowing that God's timing is perfect, even when it seems delayed. As they unwrap God's promises in their lives, they will experience the joy and certainty of His unwavering faithfulness.

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