Genesis 23: Parents

genesis parents

Walking Through Loss: A Lesson in Faith and Grief

Genesis 23:2
"And she died in Kiriath-arba (that is, Hebron) in the land of Canaan, and Abraham went in to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her."

I'll never forget waking up one morning with a special energy to enjoy time in devotion. In my reading, the devotional challenged me to teach my kids that Christians are not immune to suffering and loss. Just because we have access to a loving relationship with God does not mean that He will spare us from all suffering. I was so moved by the devotion, I shared it with my kids before the start of school. I'm glad I was sensitive to the Spirit that morning because later in the afternoon our dog died unexpectedly and we all had to draw upon that devotional to get through our grief.

Genesis 23 opens with Abraham experiencing profound loss. Sarah, his beloved wife, has passed away. His grief is poignant, his mourning deep. Abraham models a raw, sincere expression of sorrow—an essential lesson in navigating loss.

Our children will experience losses of their own, from beloved toys to cherished relationships. As parents, we have a divine opportunity to guide them in these moments, teaching them how to grieve in a healthy and constructive way, while reinforcing the enduring presence of God's love.

The next time your child confronts a loss, take time to honor their feelings. Encourage them to express their sorrow, as Abraham did. Explain that it's natural to grieve, and through this process, we grow and understand the value of what we've lost. Yet, in all this, remind them that they are enveloped in God's steadfast love. And just like Abraham, they aren't alone in their pain—God's comforting presence is ever with us in our times of grief. He may not spare us from loss, but He promises to comfort us through it.

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