Genesis 7: Parents

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Trust Amidst the Storms

Genesis 7:5 (New Living Translation)
"Noah did everything as the Lord commanded him.

If you ever have the chance to take your family to New York, I suggest you do it. It’s a big, seemingly scary city that lately has been quite safe. When my son Jackson was 4, he thought the big city was way too dangerous, so he insisted on wearing his wolverine superhero costume outside of the hotel. With every block we walked, he gained more and more confidence, loosening his grip on my hand. Within an hour of walking around in the city, he was running and jumping off fire hydrants and asking me to help him fly over the crosswalks, even though the wolverine doesn’t have flying power. The more he walked with me, the more he realized that he was quite safe.

Faced with an impending flood and an enormous task, Noah, without hesitation, walked close with God. His resolve to finish the ark grew with each day he continued in his relationship with God. Amidst the threatening storm, he trusted in God's guidance, his faith unwavering.

As parents, we're called to foster this trust and obedience in our children. In their life's journey, they'll inevitably face their own scary storms. They will at times be forced to walk into the unknown. Through these frightening times, we can teach them to grab God’s hand, to trust His guidance, just like Noah.

The next time a storm brews in their life, be it a tough exam, a fallout with a friend, or fear of the dark, guide them in seeking God's comfort and wisdom. Let them know it's okay to be afraid, but God is always there with them. Encourage them to pray, to lean on God, to trust His commandments. With this foundation, they'll learn to navigate life's storms with faith and resilience, following God's guidance every step of the way.

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