Genesis 34: Students

genesis students

In the Midst of Crisis, Seek God's Wisdom

Genesis 34:13 (New Living Translation) - "But since Shechem had defiled their sister, Dinah, Jacob's sons responded deceitfully to Shechem and his father, Hamor."

As a teenager, you might feel like you're always stuck in the middle of some kind of drama, whether it's disagreements with friends, misunderstandings with family, or just the general chaos of life. Genesis 34 tells the story of Dinah, the only named daughter of Jacob, and the crisis her family faced.

In response to Shechem's wrongdoing, Dinah's brothers didn't consult God for wisdom but acted out of vengeance and deceit. The result was a cycle of violence and devastation. It's a stark reminder of the critical importance of seeking God's wisdom in moments of crisis, instead of relying solely on our own emotions or desires for retribution. When faced with challenges, rather than reacting immediately, take a pause, pray, and ask God for wisdom to navigate the situation.

Pause & Pray:

1. Pray for God's wisdom to guide your reactions in times of crisis or misunderstanding.
2. Ask for patience and understanding, even when you are wronged or hurt.
3. Seek the Lord's guidance in turning difficult situations into opportunities for growth and faithfulness.

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