Genesis 35: Students

genesis students

The Power of Transformation

Genesis 35:10 (New Living Translation) - "Then God said to him, 'Your name is Jacob, but you will not be called Jacob any longer. From now on your name will be Israel.'"

It's not uncommon to feel uncertain or dissatisfied with yourself during your teenage years. You might feel pressure to conform, to be someone you're not, to fit in. You might even wish you were someone else entirely.

In Genesis 35, we see a transformative moment for Jacob. God changes his name to Israel, symbolizing a transformation from a manipulative schemer to a man who wrestles with God. This transformation was not easy or instant; it involved many difficult experiences. Yet, through it all, God never left Jacob's side. In fact, He used these trials to shape Jacob into the man He wanted him to become.

Like Jacob, you may face trials that seem unbearable, but remember, God uses our challenges to mold us into the person He designed us to be. Embrace who you are in God's eyes, and let Him guide your transformation.

Pause & Pray:

1. Pray for the courage to embrace the person God is shaping you to be, despite the pressures around you.
2. Ask God for strength and perseverance during trials and difficulties.
3. Thank God for His unwavering presence in your life, even when times are tough.

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