Genesis 41: Students

genesis students

Recognizing God in Your Success

Genesis 41:16 (New Living Translation)
"It is beyond my power to do this,” Joseph replied. “But God can tell you what it means and set you at ease.”

You just aced that exam you were studying for, or maybe you made the team you've been trying out for. It feels incredible when hard work pays off, doesn't it? But remember who should ultimately receive the credit for your success.

In Genesis 41, Joseph, once a prisoner, is now standing before Pharaoh. He's about to interpret Pharaoh's puzzling dreams, not by his own skill, but by God's power. Despite being in an impressive position, Joseph doesn’t forget who really deserves the credit: God. He could have claimed the spotlight for himself, but he didn't.

Likewise, as you navigate through life's victories, remember to give credit where it's due. You've worked hard, no doubt, but it's God who gave you the ability, the strength, the opportunities. He is the source of all your successes.

Pause & Pray:

1. Thank God for the successes and opportunities He's given you.
2. Pray for the humility to always acknowledge God's role in your victories.
3. Ask God to use your accomplishments to shine His light and glorify His name.

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