Genesis 42: Students

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Finding Courage Amid Fear

Genesis 42:4 (New Living Translation)
"Jacob, their father, wouldn’t let Joseph’s younger brother, Benjamin, go with them, however, for fear some harm might come to him."

Imagine this: You've been invited to an event where you know almost no one. It's a thrilling opportunity, but you're nervous about going alone.

In Genesis 42, Jacob, facing a severe famine, sends his sons to Egypt to buy food. Yet, he doesn't allow his youngest son, Benjamin, to go for fear something bad might happen to him. Jacob's fear is understandable, especially considering the loss of his beloved son Joseph. His protective instinct is a mirror of our own fears - of the unknown, of possible harm or failure.

Yet, we know that God is always with us. The story of Genesis reminds us that, even in moments of great fear, God's plan continues to unfold. It's okay to feel scared, but don't let fear hinder you from embracing new opportunities. God is right there, guiding your steps.

Pause & Pray:

1. Ask God for courage to step outside of your comfort zone and trust in His plan.
2. Pray for wisdom to discern fear that protects you and fear that limits you.
3. Pray for God's protection and guidance as you navigate unfamiliar situations.

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