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Devotion Groupā„¢

We make family devotion easy.

What is a Devotion Group?

A Devotion Group is a group texting service that we offer families who want to stay connected with their kids through daily devotion.

We send out daily devotional messages (Monday - Friday) that initiate spiritual conversations. Each message includes:

  • Verse for the day
  • Short video devotion
  • Discussion prompt
  • Prayer request

How do we fund our Bible teaching resources?

As a non-profit organization, we are not interested in becoming burdened with constant fundraising to accomplish our mission. This is why we have established our flagship texting service.

For $20 a month, a family can benefit from our devotional resources broadcast to their family via text. This allows us to:

  • Pay our affiliates
  • Fund our video productions

How do we reach families?

Through our affiliate program, we partner with two types of affiliates:

  • Promoters (Influencers, Artists, and Bible Teachers)
  • Networkers (Agents, Management Companies, Ministry Leaders)

This allows us to rapidly expand our reach by tapping into trusted and establishedĀ brandsĀ looking to monetize their followers and offer products/services that share their values. We offer 30% commission to promoters and 20% commission to networkers.

Become a member of our Founder's Circle

When you give a tax-deductible donation of $1,000 or more to our Founder's Circle campaign, you will help us launch our group texting service and establish a foundation for our organization to build upon for many years to come. We provide exclusive updates on our latest productions and progress as we grow this ministry.

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